CPA Adds Value Beyond the Pathology Lab

CPA is the right pathology partner for hospitals looking for more from their pathology lab.

CPA goes beyond fast and accurate results to deliver benefits outside of the pathology laboratory. Our expert pathologists are available throughout the hospital, offering consultations and expertise that enhance patient care.

Tumor Boards

Our pathologists are available to participate in tumor boards for your hospital. This strengthens multidisciplinary teams with direct input on diagnostic imaging, pathology reports, and treatment plans from one of CPA’s expert pathologists. Our experts ensure your teams act with accurate and up-to-date information and provide critical insights and individualized treatment recommendations and strategies.

Executive and Leadership Teams

Adding CPA pathologists to executive and leadership teams brings a wealth of specialized knowledge and a unique perspective on laboratory operations, diagnostics, and patient care to your executive teams. By integrating CPA pathologists with hospital leadership, hospitals ensure that decisions are informed by the latest diagnostic advancements and innovations that improve the overall quality of care. CPA pathologists operate as engaged and invested partners in patient care, and their involvement in leadership teams adds value to the patient care continuum, helping bridge the gap between clinical needs and administrative goals.

Residencies and Fellowship Programs

CPA pathologists provide residents and fellows with a level of direct access to collaborative, expert pathologists that rarely exists outside of premier academic institutions. Their involvement in the clinical and continuing education programs ensures the next generation of pathologists receive comprehensive, high-quality training, enhancing the overall skill level and preparedness of potential new employees for your hospital.

Additionally, CPA pathologists can mentor residents and fellows, guiding them through complex cases and offering valuable insights into the complexities of pathology practice. This level of training not only boosts the competency of the hospital’s future workforce but can also establish your hospital reputation as a top training institution, attracting talented caregivers and fostering a culture of excellence in patient care.

Contact us today and start working with the right pathology partner capable of adding value to your hospital outside of the lab.