Delivering Excellent Service and a Collaborative Work Environment

At CPA, physicians and lab professionals are as passionate about collaboration as they are about delivering excellent service for our clients.

CPA’s unique approach is built on a collaborative culture that leverages the organization’s breadth and depth of pathology specialties. By bringing together different specialties, our clients receive the best possible service, and our employees operate in a mutually supportive and rewarding work environment.

“If I see something that falls under one of my colleagues’ certifications, I can use their expertise and keep that consultation in house,” said CPA Medical Director of Dermatopathology, L. Brent Talbott, M.D. “This mutual respect and collaboration improve our diagnoses and the care we deliver for patients.”

Collaboration enhances job satisfaction and provides team members with opportunities to grow their knowledge and skills by regularly working with experts across every specialty and subspecialty in the organization.

“[Our team members] are as passionate about helping each other as they are about serving clients,” said CPA CEO Matt Thompson. “That speaks volumes about the quality of care CPA delivers.”

Collaboration is essential to everything we do, and it’s how we provide the best possible care for our clients, and the best possible work environment for our team members.

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