Does your Pathology Partner Help your Hospital Grow?

The right pathology partner won’t hold your hospital back.

With CPA, hospitals can confidently expand their services without worrying about outpacing their pathology lab’s expertise and capabilities. Our experienced team of more than 45 board-certified pathologists covers a wide range of specialties and subspecialties that give hospitals the runway to expand and scale programs with confidence.

“CPA equips hospitals with the pathology expertise and resources to introduce new programs and scale existing programs for their patients across virtually every area of pathology,” said CPA CEO Matt Thompson. “The breadth and depth of expertise we provide is unparalleled and enables our partners to handle virtually every diagnostic challenge at scale and do more than they previously thought possible.”

Fast turnaround times, native EMR integration, and engaged and collaborative pathologists who operate as partners don’t just make expansion possible – they make it seamless.

“Our services are designed with expansion and growth in mind,” said Christine R. Rupcich, M.D., board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist and cytopathologist with CPA. “Our partners don’t have to worry if their lab can handle high-complexity cases or a wider range of diagnoses; and they don’t have to worry how expansion will affect their operations.”

By delivering clinical expertise and operational efficiencies, CPA enables virtually any hospital to provide more services for their patients – without compromising clinical quality or financial sustainability.

Contact us today and start working with the right pathology partner to help your hospital grow.