Engaged, Expert Partners in Care

For most pathology departments, their services begin and end with the samples they study. At CPA, our pathologists are fully engaged partners in delivering excellent patient care for hospitals’ patients.

CPA’s accurate and fast diagnoses are delivered as part of a pathology program that features direct access to a known pathologist. Quick turnaround times and easy access to pathology experts create a frictionless experience for doctors, removing obstacles to delivering excellent care and fostering a genuine peer-to-peer relationship between doctors and the pathologist.

“We pride ourselves on working as a part of our clients’ medical team,” said CPA pathologist Christine Rupcich, M.D. “We work closely with doctors and surgeons to ensure everyone can discuss treatment together and get the best outcomes.”

From participating in tumor boards to facilitating direct access to its pathologists, CPA goes beyond the traditional role of pathology departments.

A crucial element is aligning with the quality and safety goals of the hospital. Through an alignment of clinical goals and measurements of success, CPA is accountable to the hospital’s outcomes and is a fully engaged and invested partner.

“We don’t just provide pathology services for hospitals,” said CPA CEO Matt Thompson. “We try to be a good steward of the pathology lab and make it a profit center, not a cost center.”

Pathology is inseparable from great patient care, and by acting as an invested and engaged partner, CPA raises its hospital partners’ overall reputation as excellent care providers.

See the difference CPA makes for hospitals.