Make this the Last Time you Think About How your Pathology Operations are Going

It’s time to stop thinking about pathology – for good.

CPA is the “set it and forget it” option when it comes to your pathology operations. By aligning clinical and financial goals and measurements of success for your lab, CPA is accountable to the hospital’s outcomes and acts as a fully engaged and invested partner. With unmatched breadth and depth of expertise and an integrative approach that streamlines operations and reduces administrative hassles, CPA is the pathology partner you can trust to manage every aspect of your pathology operations.

CPA is the right pathology partner to handle complex diagnoses

Our experienced team of more than 45 pathologists covers a wide range of specialties and acts as fully engaged and invested partners in patient care. Fast and accurate results are delivered in your native EMR, and our pathologists prioritize availability for your physicians and surgeons, maintaining accessibility and a collaborative approach with your care teams. Direct access to our pathologists also benefits complex patient care, where our collaborative experts are easily reached for consultations or treatment discussions across our entire range of specialties and subspecialties.

“The breadth and depth of expertise we provide equips our hospital partners to handle virtually every diagnostic challenge at scale,” said Matt Thompson, MHSM, CMPE, Clinical Pathology Associates CEO. “Our partners know their lab is up to the task of delivering results across a vast range of pathology specialties.”

CPA is the right pathology partner to streamline lab operations

From an operational standpoint, CPA is the ideal pathology partner.

Operating within your hospital’s existing EMR eliminates hassles and complications for your teams, as physicians and surgeons can maintain their existing workflows and processes without interruption. The speed of CPA’s seamless reporting means your teams spend less time waiting for results and more time delivering care with the full support of our experienced team of pathology experts.

“Our collaborative approach has a dramatic effect on patient care,” said Christine R. Rupcich, M.D., and board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist and cytopathologist. “It allows us to rapidly make diagnoses and get our clients and patients the answers they need quickly.”

Our full team of experts also eliminates the need for outside consultations or second opinions. With over 99 percent of tests handled in-house, CPA saves hospitals time and money by acting as a single source for pathology expertise you and your teams can depend on.

Contact us today and start working with the right pathology partner, so you can stop thinking about pathology.