Medical Laboratory Professionals Week Spotlight: David Deibler, CPA Certified Histo-technician Since 1990

David Deibler found his passion for histology because of its hands-on nature and the pursuit of perfection inherent in the field.

David is a certified histo-technician and begins work every morning at 3:30 to get the histology lab up and running, where he and other histo-technicians turn tissue samples from surgeries into high-quality slides that pathologists use to diagnose. David began his career as a histo-technician after high school at what is now Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest.

“I love this job and what I do,” said David. “We’re actively participating in helping our doctors provide diagnoses for patients.”

Much of histo-technicians’ work still is done by hand, which means that attention to detail and accuracy are crucial for providing pristine slides to pathologists and avoiding delays or samples needing to be re-checked. David is proud to work in a field that has seen many other tasks ceded to automation and enjoys the balance of art and science in histology.

“The slides that we produce are like our little pieces of artwork,” said David. “There is a lot of art involved in histology, in addition to science.”

CPA’s collaborative culture and robust communications processes ensure that histology labs get test results to doctors quickly, and its emphasis on quality ensures every lab professional delivers samples and slides with the level of excellence required for an accurate diagnosis. By getting test results to doctors quickly, David works to fulfill CPA’s mission of enhancing patient care, as fast turnaround times mean patients get the answers and treatment they need sooner.

This Medical Laboratory Professionals Week CPA is proud to celebrate histo-technicians like David and the work they do every day to deliver excellent patient care.

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