Medical Laboratory Professionals Week Spotlight: Monika Woolley, CPA Certified Medical Technologist Since 2019

This Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, CPA is proud to celebrate our certified medical technologists like Monika and the work they do every day to deliver excellent patient care.

After graduating from McMurry University with a bachelor’s degree in medical technology, Monika Woolley began her career as a lab professional on the evening shift at what is now Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest. There she gained experience in hematology, parasitology, urinalysis, and microbiology, before working full-time in a microbiology lab.

CPA’s lab professionals are part of a large and experienced team that brings together different specialties so that lab professionals like Monika have access to in-house consultations whenever assistance from another specialist is needed. This breadth and depth of expertise means the lab can quickly and precisely identify and diagnose samples.

“We’re working behind the scenes to help doctors get to the result of an accurate diagnosis. If you think about it like a race car, there’s the driver of course, but there’s also the team changing the tires and the oil and identifying issues,” Monika said.

Monika joined CPA in 2019 and works as a certified medical technologist, where she supervises the molecular lab that runs HPV and STD tests for OB/GYN clients and performs genotyping to identify cancer-causing forms of HPV. Monika frequently collaborates with cytopathologists and other specialists to deliver timely and accurate diagnoses as part of CPA’s collaborative approach to pathology.

“One of the most rewarding things is how we work together,” said Monika. “It makes such a big difference to work with so many different specialists and have access to their expertise so we can deliver timely and reliable results to doctors and their patients.”

CPA’s level of expertise and collaborative culture allows its lab professionals to be full partners with doctors in diagnosing patients, and its commitment to a superior level of service, quality, and integrity means CPA’s clients can trust that CPA is delivering on its mission to enhance patient care.

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