Stephen Yurco, III M.D.

Joined Clinical Pathology Associates:  1990

Primary Service Location:

Austin Histology

Medical Directorships:

  • Bailey Square Surgical Center Laboratory

Board Certifications:

  • Anatomic and Clinical Pathology (1982)

Areas of Interest:

  • Gastrointestinal Pathology
  • Breast Pathology


  • Baylor College of Medicine (AP/CP)

Medical School:

  • Northwestern University

Undergraduate Education:

  • Northwestern University

Additional Education:

  • University of Houston – MBA

Selected Publications:

  • Yurco, Stephen, and Kim, H.S., “Extrahepatic Bilary Obstruction by Hepatocellular Carcinoma.” American Journal of Gastroenterology, 74:176-178, 1980.
  • Woodson, G., Yurco, Stephen, Alford B.R., McGavran, M.H., “Verrucous Carcinoma of the Middle Ear.” Archives of Otolaryngology, 107:63-65, 1981.
  • Cohle, S.D., McKechnie, J.C., Truong, L., Yurco, Stephen, “Granular Cell Tumor of the Esophagus; Report of Three Cases.” American Journal of Gastoreneterology, 75:431-435, 1981.
  • Yurco, Stephen, Nadji, M.,  et al. “Hemangioblastomas: Histogenesis of the Stromal Cell Studied by Immunocytochemistry.” Human Pathology, 13:13-18, 1982.
  • Truong, L., Yurco, Stephen, McGavran, M.H. “Gliomatosis Peritonei.” American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 6:443-449, 1982.
  • Font, R.L., Yurco, Stephen, Zimmerman, L.E. “Alveolar Soft-Part Sarcoma of the Orbit.” Human Pathology, 13:569-579, 1982.
  • Font, R.L., Yurco, Stephen, Brechner, R.J. “Post-Radiation Leiomyosarcoma of Orbit Complicating Bilateral Retinoblastoma.” Archives of Ophthalmology, 101:1557-1561, 1983.
  • Yurco, Stephen, Starling, K.A., Hawkins, E.P. “Malignant Histiocytosis in Childhood, Pathomorphologic Considerations.” Human Pathology, 14:1059-1065, 1983.
  • Yu, D., Yurco, Stephen, Scardino, P.T. “Identification of Tumor Associated Nuclear Antigens in Human Urothelial Cancer.” Journal of Urology, 138:636-63, 1987.
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