CPA: Powering Your Practice

Hospital laboratories can quickly become a burden for hospitals ready to expand and introduce new services, as the growing demand for more specialty diagnoses outstrips their laboratory’s resources and expertise.

With Clinical Pathology Associates, hospitals can expand their services without worrying about their laboratory’s capabilities. This gives hospitals the freedom to offer more services and provide more complex care with the backing of a laboratory that features a deep bench of expert pathologists covering nearly every pathology specialty and sub-specialty.

“Our hospital partners can expand their services without worrying if their laboratory will hold them back,” said Christine Rupcich, M.D., board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist and cytopathologist with CPA. “Our partners know their lab is up to the task of delivering results across a vast range of pathology specialties.”

An unparalleled level of expertise combined with collaborative on-site pathologists allows hospitals to maximize their reach with new and expanded services. The ability to expand services without an increase in outside consultations or reduced turnaround times makes the laboratory a revenue center for hospitals, helping them efficiently scale operations with reliable and fast diagnoses.

“We equip hospitals with the pathology expertise and resources to introduce new programs and scale existing programs for their patients across virtually every area of pathology,” said CPA CEO Matt Thompson. “The breadth and depth of expertise we provide equips our hospital partners to handle virtually every diagnostic challenge at scale.”

Pathology is inseparable from great patient care, and with CPA, hospitals can power their practice with a laboratory equipped to diagnose patients across an unparalleled variety of specialties.

See the difference CPA makes for hospitals.