Pediatric Pathology

Service Overview

Clinical Pathology Associates offers a full range of pediatric and perinatal pathology expertise, including offering diagnostic interpretations and consultations from the only board certified pediatric pathologists in central Texas. We also serve as the hospital pathologists at Austin’s own Dell Children’s Medical Center. The pediatric pathology service is ready and willing to provide second opinion review of your child’s tissue biopsy or autopsy materials. Our pathologists are members of the Society of Pediatric Pathology and practice continuing education in this ever changing subspeciality through publication in peer reviewed medical journals and presentation at national meetings.

Pediatric and Perinatal pathology services in CPA include:

  • Diagnostic and consultative (2nd opinion) review of biopsies and resections
  • Specialized expertise in the diagnosis of pediatric embryonal tumors, CNS malignancies and soft tissue sarcomas
  • Perinatal and antenatal autopsy services
  • Extensive experience in the diagnosis of Hirschsprung disease and other congenital gastrointestinal disorders
  • Extensive experience in the use and integration of ancillary cytogenetic, molecular and biochemical studies
  • Providing laboratory management and clinical lab test development guidance

Chandra Krishnan, M.D.

Service Director