Service Overview

Clinical Pathology Associates offers a broad range of diagnostic and interpretive expertise in the practice of hematopathology. We staff regional hospitals and outpatient reference laboratories with ten board-certified hematopathologists who have experience in both adult and pediatric diseases of the blood, marrow, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and other solid lymphoid tissue. We have developed proficiency in a variety of diagnostic modalities including:

  • Histologic, cytologic, and immunohistochemical evaluation of biopsy specimens
  • Eight-color flow cytometric analysis
  • Coagulation studies, including factor analysis, lupus anticoagulation testing, and the evaluation of von Willibrand disease and platelet dysfunction
  • Karyotype and FISH cytogenetic interpretations
  • Capillary-zone electrophoresis for the study of hemoglobinopathies

CPA hematopathologists provide expert consultation in the work-up of anemias, porphyrias, and a variety of immunologic disorders. We are also skilled in the integration of molecular testing to the diagnosis and prognosis of blood- and lymph node-related diseases.

Edward G. Weir, M.D.

Service Director