Clinical Pathology Associates

Since 1948, delivering advanced anatomic and clinical pathology services

Committed to Enhancing Patient Care

Providing accurate and timely diagnoses is critical for caring for your patients. Key to achieving this objective is a strong partnership with your pathology team.

Since 1948, Clinical Pathology Associates has delivered the most advanced scientific expertise combined with the highest level of professionalism and responsiveness in the service of superior patient care. With generations of experience and leadership in anatomic and clinical pathology, CPA provides our clinical partners the service, quality and integrity rarely seen outside the most-esteemed academic institutions.

Our more than 50 specialty and subspecialty physicians are board-certified in the pathology specialties and subspecialties of pediatric pathology, surgical pathology,  dermatopathology, hematopathology, and more.

We share one goal: to provide the highest quality of care to our patients and physician, clinic, and hospital partners.

biotechThe CPA lab

CPA’s lab provides state-of-the-art, patient-friendly testing with a personalized touch and commitment to speed and accuracy for specialty physician practices, surgery centers, and hospitals.

bloodtypeOutpatient practices

Through our CLIA-certified lab and board-certified pathology specialists and subspecialists, specialty physician practices and surgery centers have access to the highest standard of lab testing and diagnostic services.

local_hospitalHospitals & health systems

Our broad network of specialty and subspecialty pathologists provides hospitals and health systems with an unparalleled level of clinical excellence, responsiveness, and professional collaboration to advance patient care goals.

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