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The Clinical Pathology Associates Difference

Physician specialty practices and surgery centers depend on the Clinical Pathology Associates lab and physician practice for fast, accurate results and diagnostic skill and expertise.

Our clients don’t worry about pathology because we take care of it.

  • Accuracy and speed.
    CPA delivers cost-effective, accurate, and timely diagnostic information for patients and is a trusted, responsive, and collaborative member of the clinical care team.
  • Single-source expertise. CPA reduces reliance on outside clinicians for second opinions and consultation on complex cases. Having access to multiple subspecialties within our practice means our clients save time and money.
  • Integration with EMR. Expect efficiency and streamlined operations through easily integrated EMR systems.

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The CPA Value

Our private, physician-owned practice prioritizes having a deep network of subspecialty pathologists within our single practice. Our pathology practice has a breadth and depth of specialties/subspecialties represented that are rarely seen outside of a large academic medical center. We have more than 50 board-certified specialty and subspecialty pathologists, representing the fields of pediatric pathology, oncologic pathology, breast and gynecologic pathology, urologic pathology, transfusion medicine, hematopathology, neuropathology, and dermatopathology.

Benefits include:

  • Single-source expertise. Reduces the need for our clients to rely on outside vendors for second opinions and consultation on complex cases. Having access to multiple subspecialties within our practice means our clients save time and money.

99 percent of CPA’s pathology cases are handled internally by our practice.

  • Collaboration and consultation. Our pathologists have immediate access to their CPA colleagues for consultation. Using digital pathology, our pathologists can immediately share slides with their colleagues in a wide range of specialties and subspecialties for consultation. We also share cases with each other for professional education and advancement so our physicians are continually updating their knowledge of new testing, technology, and disease categorization and staging.
Effective treatment depends on having an accurate diagnosis, and no patient should have to wait longer than absolutely necessary for an accurate and complete diagnosis to begin treatment. Our pathologists prioritize rapid turnaround of tests so that our physician partners have the results they need within one or two days to complete their diagnostic work and prescribe treatment.
Each of our pathologists is committed to being a partner with the hospitals and physicians we serve with the shared goal of delivering excellent patient care. This means we prioritize open dialogue and collegial, collaborative relationships.
Our pathologists get to know the physicians and hospital staff with whom we work. And, we are personally responsive to questions and requests for consultation.
We know that communication is key for preventing medical errors, avoiding unnecessary duplication of tests, and delivering improved outcomes. CPA pathologists are an accessible part of the clinical care team, and we encourage direct outreach. Your physicians know whom to call to get the answers and information they need.

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