Physician-Ownership Drives the Mission of CPA

As a physician-owned organization, CPA possesses a deep understanding of pathology and the work that goes into providing excellent patient-centered care, and we have never lost sight of our mission to enhance patient care.

We thrive by bringing together pathologists and lab professionals who share our dedication to patient-focused pathology.

“Our collaborative process has a dramatic effect on patient care,” said Christine R. Rupcich, M.D., and board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist and cytopathologist. “It allows us to rapidly make diagnoses and get our clients and patients the answers they need quickly.”

At CPA, success is defined by the quality of service we provide for our clients and our continuing commitment to enhancing patient care.

CPA CEO Matt Thompson sums it up like this: “The accessibility of our pathologists is one of our greatest differentiators, and our ownership continually prioritizes this fundamental characteristic of CPA.”

See our available positions across Texas and join us as we work to fulfill our mission.