The CPA Difference: A Network of Subspecialty Pathologists

Clinical Pathology Associates is a physician-owned and -operated organization. Our pathologists are passionate about the work they do serving our clients, and patient care is their top priority. 

Our lab consists of over 54 pathologists, with every subspecialty covered, as well as depth in each of those multiple subspecialties.

Our depth of subspecialty pathologists include: 

  • pediatric pathology
  • surgical pathology
  • GI pathology
  • urologic pathology
  • dermatopathology
  • hematopathology
  • cytopathology
  •  … and more

This depth allows for our team to have rapid consults with one another to improve turnaround times, and prevent us from sending material across the country for consultations. 

The Clinical Pathology Associates Lab provides a personal touch and commitment to physicians and their patients with a high level of expertise, experience, and training. 

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