Celebrating Lab Week and Recognizing Our Dedicated Team

April 14 – 20 is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, an annual reminder to recognize the hard work and dedication of the laboratory professionals and pathologists that make expert diagnoses and care possible for the patients we serve. 

CPA’s laboratory professionals are an integral part of our large and experienced team that brings together a wide range of specialties to deliver an unmatched level of pathology depth and expertise. CPA’s laboratory team includes pathologists’ assistants, cytotechnologists, histo-technicians, medical technologists, and more laboratory professionals, and advances CPA’s mission to enhance patient care through clinical excellence and an unwavering dedication to our values.

“Our laboratory team is collaborative, highly-qualified, and unified around our shared values of excellent service, quality, and integrity,” said Clinical Pathology Associates CEO Matt Thompson, MHSM, CMPE. “There is no CPA laboratory without the consistent dedication and expertise of our medical laboratory professionals.”

CPA’s level of expertise and collaborative culture allows its lab professionals to be full partners with doctors in diagnosing patients, and its commitment to a superior level of service, quality, and integrity means CPA’s clients can trust that CPA is delivering on its mission to enhance patient care.

Learn more about the CPA laboratory here and hear from our dedicated lab team below.


“I love this job and what I do.
We’re actively participating in helping our doctors provide diagnoses for patients.”

David Deibler
CPA certified histo-technician

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“We’re working behind the scenes to help doctors get to the result of an accurate diagnosis. If you think about it like a race car, there’s the driver of course, but there’s also the team changing the tires and the oil and identifying issues.”

Monika Woolley
CPA Certified Medical Technologist

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“Every day we work within many different areas of pathology. We understand how to work together and that working with different specialties helps us get the most specific diagnosis possible.”

William Ritz
CPA cytotechnologist

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“Through our lab work we care for patients every day.
It’s an immense responsibility, and one we take very seriously”

Adrian Winters
CPA pathologists’ assistant

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