Transform your Pathology Partnership from a Pain Point to a Strength

The right pathology partner doesn’t slow down your revenue cycle.

Clinical Pathology Associates can transform your pathology operations from a frustrating and costly pain point into a reliable strength that helps your hospital achieve its patient care and financial goals.

Eliminating out-of-house consultation expenses on complex cases or subspecialty pathology

With CPA, hospitals and large health systems reduce reliance on out-of-house consultations for complex cases or rare tests. CPA handles over 99 percent of cases internally, eliminating outside consultations and second opinions that increase costs, impact the timeliness of patient care, and introduce operational hassles for your staff and providers. A robust offering of tests combined with a deep bench of pathology experts covering a wide range of specialties and subspecialties enables CPA to deliver a level of breadth and depth of expertise that meets your patients’ complex and varied care needs, without compromising your financial goals.

“Our priority is to immediately step in and become our hospital partners’ single source for pathology expertise,” said Matt Thompson, MHSM, CMPE, Clinical Pathology Associates CEO. “When partnering with CPA, our partners can trust that they’ve got an experienced team of expert pathologists in their corner ready to diagnose whatever comes next.”

Reducing operational inefficiencies

Through full integration with your staff, operations, and information systems, CPA significantly reduces inefficiencies for your lab and patient care teams. Working directly within your EMR enables CPA to streamline operations from test ordering to result reporting, ensuring your care teams have immediate access to critical diagnostic information. This fully integrated approach reduces inefficiencies, minimizes the risk of data mismanagement, and reduces operational snags that can result in care delays or added costs.

Diagnosing more patients in less time with speed, accuracy, and collaboration

CPA pathologists prioritize fast turnaround times so hospitals can diagnose and treat more patients faster. CPA’s world-class pathology experts utilize state-of-the-art systems and the latest in digital pathology technologies to ensure both speed and accuracy for your care teams and patients. Fast and accurate results delivered from a pathology partner who shares your commitment to the highest quality patient care enables your hospital to keep patients moving and boost volume while maintaining clinical excellence.

The collaborative nature of our pathologists is a major contributor to diagnostic speed as well. With easy and timely access to a broad and diverse group of specialists and subspecialists, your physicians spend less time on hold and more time treating a wider range of patients thanks to support from engaged and integrated pathology partners.

By reducing out-of-house consultation expenses, eliminating operational inefficiencies, and enabling faster diagnosis and treatment, CPA transforms pathology to deliver results quickly and move faster through the revenue cycle. Stop wringing your hands over frustrations with your pathology partner and start treating more patients with fast and accurate diagnoses delivered by collaborative partners invested in the success of your hospital and your patients.

Contact us today and start working with the right pathology partner for your hospital.